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Who We Are


Design has always been a part of Simon's life, which was first realised as the Art Director and Editor of a European watersports magazine in his twenties. This led to a successful career as a freelance photographer and designer servicing clients in the Action Sports industry, helping international brands create their visual identity through branding and marketing. 

Having always enjoyed woodworking as a hobby, a number of small project for friends and family led the way to forge a new career with a line of wooden and leather home-goods which sold in stores and boutiques throughout Canada, after he moved to Quebec in 2016, while continuing to build custom furniture.

The knowledge of design and  how to engineer clean and contemporary furniture, have been the foundation of a using traditional techniques to make modern heirloom pieces. 

“The need to design and create things challenges me in the best possible way" - Simon Bradley


Andrew began age 17 as an apprentice in Southampton, England,

where he learnt from retiring masters who taught him their knowledge of French Polishing.

From there the journey began on life involved around wood and its

Various industries. Once in Canada he began at millwork shops on the shop floor always building knowledge in whatever role was  required.


Advancing to a project manager in high-end millwork with new skills while bringing past wisdoms with him and crossing into sales for an international business.

When entering the aerospace sector he soon advanced from finishing to assembly, and finally a quality control inspector and understanding how detail and perfection is achieved.

The past number of years Andrew has returned to his roots concentrating on restoration, touch up and repairs serving his clients from antique collections to high-end house builders and millwork installations that need his experience .


  “I love to Learn daily from new materials and to build customer relationships" - Andrew Burton

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